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ZZZ THAI Dish Series_Tum Yum Kung with Noodle and Steamed Egg



TUM YUM KUNG with Noodle & Steamed  Egg



  • Water/Clear Soup 100 g.
  • Chili 2 g.
  • Seasoning 5 g.
  • Frozen prawns 250 g.
  • Instant noodle 150 g.
  • Large Eggs, Beaten
  • Lime Lemongrass 5 g.


1. Boil instant noodle in your microwave at 1,100 wats for 2 mins then drain water off.
2. Put raw egg with beaten then mix with seasoning or bone soup.
3. Add 100g water and prawns & instant noodle then mix.
4. Heat in microwave at 400 wats for 10 mins and take out.
5. Decorate your dish with pine of lemongrass, lemon, chili or your favorite vegetable.
6. Heat in microwave at 700 wats for 5 mins until prawns are cooked then ready to serve.
  Meat & veggie : you can change to any kind of your favorite
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